Kids Watercolour Painting Book


Minimum Order Quantity: 5

🌟 Introducing the new Watercolour Painting Book, complete with water colour palette at every page! Just add water on the brush and paint away! Keep kids busy and away from screens, painting for kids have so many benefits!


😍Watercolor painting allows children to experiment with colors, shapes, and techniques to create unique artworks, fostering their imagination, creativity and self-expression.

😍Using a paintbrush to control watercolors requires precision and control, helping children to refine their fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

😍Children learn to take their time and pay attention to detail as they work on their artwork, which can be particularly helpful for kids who struggle with attention issues, encouraging patience and focus.

😍Successfully completing a watercolor painting can boost a child's self-confidence and self-esteem. Positive feedback received can further enhance their belief in their abilities.

😍Great stress reliever, painting helps children to relax and process their feelings, helping them cope with stress or difficult emotions.


🌟 Each book has 12 coloring sheets and comes with a paintbrush. It can be a great classroom activity as well, encouraging social development and sharing of each other's completed artwork. Each sheet can be used as a bookmark or given to friends as gifts. All sheets can also be formed into a bigger artwork piece.

🌟 Available in 6 assorted themes: Space, Dinosaur, Transport, Ocean, Animal and Snack Themes! Fun & economical, this is also a great addition to kids party goodie bags and can match different party themes! Great for Children's Day and giveaways at preschools too!