Sensory Clay Kit

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

🌟Let kids' imagination go wild as they create whatever their hearts desire with this Sensory Clay Kit! Containing 12x assorted colours ultra light clay mini packs with 3x utility tools, the kit will keep kids busy for hours!

Benefits of sensory clay play:
👍 Enhances sensory development
👍 Boosts creativity & imagination, allowing kids to create various structures and shapes
👍 Improves fine motor skills, hand strength & coordination
👍 Great emotions regulator, helps children to relax and process their feelings, helping them cope with stress or difficult emotions.
👍 Encourage focus & patience

🌟The clay is extremely soft, stretchy & flexible, easy to shape & clean, does not stick to hands, without smell & non-toxic. It takes 24 hours for the clay to dry and harden completely, and once it dries, clay stays lightweight. 

🌟The clay art created by your kids can be preserved as an artwork & keepsake after. It will definitely provide them with a sense of satisfaction when kids are able to create and complete an item themselves! 

🌟 A great art and craft activity for young children, perfect for kids as home activities, ideal party activity or favor gifts for birthday parties or Children's Day!