5-in-1 LED Light Bubble Stamper Pen


Minimum Order Quantity: 5

🌟 Kids are going CRAZY over these amazing 5-in-1 Pens!!! Be the ultimate gifting hero when you add these into kids goodie bags for birthdays, giftaway as classroom rewards, Children's Day Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Christmas Gifts etc and watch the little ones eyes light up and their excitement when they discover what the pens have to offer! 🤩

🌟 5-in-1 feature:
🤩 Blue Ink Pen
🤩 Bubble wand
🤩 LED Light when there is pressure applied on the tip
🤩 Stamper
🤩 Roller Stamp

🌟 Large size - length is 17.5cm. Great for little hands.

Available in 6 Assorted designs and colours - Pink Watermelon, Green Strawberry, Orange Lemon, Purple Grapefruit, Lime Green Pineapple, Blue Cherry.

Random mixed designs/colours will be given.