LED Light Gyro Slap Band

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

🌟 Looking for FUN unique items for your kid's party goodie bags? Enlighten kids with these LED Light Rotating Spinner Slap Band, in assorted cute animal designs!! 🦁🐻🦖🐸🐱

🌟 Kids love the classic slap band, and this slap band with an additional Gyro Spinner would be a great combination! The Rotating Gyro Spinner in the centre will ignite LED light when being spun, delighting little ones!!! 🤩 The Spinner also contains a light scent of non toxic, deet free natural plant essential oil, which may help to ward off mosquitoes and insects when playing outdoors. 😍

🌟 Material of bracelet band: Silicone

❗Random mixed designs/colours will be given. Some designs pictured may not be available OR there may be more designs not pictured being delivered. Rest assured that we will give as many variety of designs as our stocks permit. However, you can let us know if you need certain quantity for girls/boys during the checkout process. We will try to accomodate, depending on availability.