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Toddler Kids Busy Quiet Book


Minimum Order Quantity: 5

🌟 Looking for a useful engaging gift for kids? Check out these Busy Books! Containing 10 pages of fun-filled engaging and educational activities, these Busy Books are great for kids age 2-6! There are 2 variations of the book - The Critical Thinking Busy Book & The Daily Life Busy Book.

🌟 Book comes unassembled so little ones can practise their hand eye coordination and motor skills when they assemble the velcro dots and ring the pages up together! Upon assembly, its compact size makes it super convenient to bring around, keeping them busy while on the stroller and at restaurants while waiting for food - HURRAY to no screen! 👍👍👍

🌟Promote cognitive development, problem-solving, critical & logical thinking skills
🌟Encourage quality parent-child interaction for younger kids & independent learning for older kids
🌟Little ones get to assemble the book together -Improve hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
🌟Reduce screen with engaging & hands on activities!
🌟Lightweight and portable, super convenient to bring around!

Fun & economical, these Busy Books will definitely thrill not only kids who received it, but also delight their parents! 👍👍👍

Great to fill Goodie Bags for family events, birthday, Children's Day, classroom activities etc!

🌟 Size 21.5cm x 14.5cm